Welcome to the Cameron Mitchell Restaurants wine education training. Please select the below links to access the courses.


Welcome to the Waitstaff Training series of videos. Although the intended audience is restaurant servers, many who are new to wine may also find the series informative.

Segment 1- Introduction »
The introductory segment of the Waitstaff Training video series. (1:49)

Segment 2 - Varietal Information »
Basic introduction to the varietals covered in the Waitstaff Training series. (5:51)

Segment 3- The Wine Label »
Wine label basics. (4:31)

Segment 4- Presenting & Opening Wine »
Proper steps to present and open a variety of wine containers. (7:04)

Segment 5- Pouring & Serving Wine »
Demonstration of proper pouring and serving techniques. (2:40)

Segment 6- Tasting Wine »
Introduction to wine tasting. (3:37)

Segment 7- Enjoying Food & Wine »
General guidelines for enjoying wine and food together. (5:45)

Waitstaff Training Quiz »
A 15 question wrap-up to the video series.


The Foundation curriculum provides basic wine knowledge and service skills for entry into the hospitality trade or an introduction to wine. The training is comprised of a series of modules and videos that can be accessed through the Constellation Academy of Wine’s website. Each section concludes with a quiz to assess users’ learning retention. It is estimated the courses will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

Foundation: Introduction » and Quiz »
The introductory segment to the Foundation training series. (10:05)

Foundation: The Experience of Wine » and Quiz »
Learn how to taste wine, describe wine, store wine, and enjoy wine and food. (23:22)

Foundation: How We Grow Wine » and Quiz »
The different aspects of grape-growing. (16:42)

Foundation: Winemaking » and Quiz »
The winemaking process from start to finish. (6:59)

Foundation: Wine Service » and Quiz »
The basic wine service steps, from how to open wine bottles to serving wine at the table. (4:23)