Welcome to the Grocery Outlet Wine Education program presented by The Constellation Academy of Wine. Below are the access instructions for each program. 

Wine Steward Training
This training can be accessed by selecting the video links at the bottom of this page. No login is required for this training.  

Essentials of Wine Training
You must register for this training via the link in the October 26th Operations Bulletin. If you have registered, please select the following link to login/access your training: Grocery Outlet Wine Education

Cameron Wilson
Director of Beer, Wine and Spirits
Grocery Outlet Bargain Market


The intended audience for this program is anyone who assists customers with in-store wine selection. The training is designed to teach the basics about wine so staff can confidently recommend wine selections. After completing this program, participants will feel more comfortable in their own wine knowledge which can be leveraged when selling wine to customers.

Segment 1- Introduction »
The introductory segment of the Wine Steward Training series. (1:55)

Segment 2- Basics of Wine »
The definition of wine, how grapes become wine and types of wine. (4:58)

Segment 3- Reading a Wine Label »
A basic understanding of what is listed on a wine label. (3:24)

Segment 4- Grape Varieties »
The basic types of wine grapes and their different characteristics. (5:29)

Segment 5- Tasting Wine - The 5 "S's" »
The basics of tasting wine and a method to help with the process. (2:00)

Segment 6- Customer Service & Assistance »
Applying wine knowledge to daily interactions with customers. (7:04)

Wine Steward Training Quiz »
A 5 question wrap-up to the training series.