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Soooo cold, but sooooo good

This LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) video gives you some good information about the icewine industry; Inniskillin is prominently mentioned several times and both Donald Ziraldo and Karl Kaiser are interviewed. You can also download this on iTunes.


Momenti Ruffino - Actually 436 moments...

This updated Introduction to Ruffino includes a wealth of resources including several videos of the Folonari brothers and their winemaking and vineyard team. And its only 7:16 min long. You will also find a quick reference guide to Italian wine classifications and the Ruffino's estates. If you would like a PDF version, download here.


Podcast - Five Chardonnay's, Selling on Style

In this podcast, Steve Hosmer discusses five Chardonnay's from our portfolio which come from very different growing climates. and describes how climate influences style. 

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Mobile link - listen to on a mobile device 

Five Chardonnay's - Selling on Style


Introduction to Franciscan Estate - Janet Myers Videos Included

This update to the Franciscan Estate presentation includes a number of videos Constellation Academy of Wine has done with Janet Myers, Franciscan's winemaker. She shares information about the Oakville Estate and how she creates the iconic Franciscan style. You can download a PDF version here.


Updated Simi Winery Introduction Available

Check out the additions to the Simi Winery introduction, including several videos of Steve Reeder giving a tour of the winery. You can download a PDF version here.