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Wild Words with Wild Horse Winemakers

Wild Horse winemakers Clay Brock and Chrissy Wittmann took some time out of their busy schedule to talk about Wild Horse's wines with the Constellation Academy of Wine. (23:21 min)

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Podcast - Wild Horse Winemakers


Fireside Chat with Blake Kuhn from Toasted Head

Some words of wisdom from the "Barrel Whisperer". Find out barrels, the Dunnigan Hills and about the white wines of Toasted Head. (13:44 min)

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Podcast - Toasted Head/Blake Kuhn


Speaking fire, the Toasted Head way

An updated version of the Toasted Head introduction. Learn more about the founders John and Karl Giguiere and why they started their winery in the Dunnigan Hills. You can download a PDF version here.


Podcast - Five Chardonnay's, Selling on Style

In this podcast, Steve Hosmer discusses five Chardonnay's from our portfolio which come from very different growing climates. and describes how climate influences style. 

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Five Chardonnay's - Selling on Style


Podcast - Chardonnay Winemaking Techniques Part 3 - Sur Lie

This is the third part in our series on Chardonnay production techniques, presented by Steve Hosmer. Do you know what the French Term "Sur Lie" means, and do you know what effect it has on the finished wine? (2:22)

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Podcast- Chardonnay Winemaking Techniques Part 3 - Sur Lie