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Welcome to the Waitstaff Training series of videos. Although the intended audience is restaurant servers, many who are new to wine may also find the series informative.

Segment 1- Introduction »
The introductory segment of the Waitstaff Training video series. (1:49)

Segment 2 - Varietal Information »
Basic introduction to the varietals covered in the Waitstaff Training series. (5:51)

Segment 3- The Wine Label »
Wine label basics. (4:31)

Segment 4- Presenting & Opening Wine »
Proper steps to present and open a variety of wine containers. (7:04)

Segment 5- Pouring & Serving Wine »
Demonstration of proper pouring and serving techniques. (2:40)

Segment 6- Tasting Wine »
Introduction to wine tasting. (3:37)

Segment 7- Enjoying Food & Wine »
General guidelines for enjoying wine and food together. (5:45)

Waitstaff Training Quiz »
A 15 question wrap-up to the video series.


These training modules cover basic education on the brands in our portfolio. Each module runs about 7-10 minutes in length and is accompanied by a short quiz.

Franciscan Estate »
Kim Crawford »
Primal Roots »
Robert Mondavi Private Selection »
Robert Mondavi Winery »
Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi »