Assist your guests in choosing a wine that will complement their meal. Their choice should always be met with your approval. Your knowledge of wine is a tool to inform people and make them comfortable. Never criticize anyone’s selection and try not to impress your customers with your knowledge. Remember, when you sell wine to your customers, you also increase the amount of your tips.

To encourage wine orders, suggest wine to your guests at the following opportunities.

  1. When greeting your guests, offer a wine by the glass, or the wine list.
  2. At the time your guests order their meal, recommend wine pairings
  3. Between the salad/ appetizer and entrée, ask your guests if they’d like a wine to accompany the rest of their meal
  4. Whenever a glass or bottle is empty, ask if you may replace it or suggest a new wine.
  5. Once your guests have ordered, deliver and open the wine as soon as possible.