The etiquette of serving wine should be carried our methodically and with attention to detail. Glasses should be clean, attractive and the correct size. Glasses with spots, lipstick stains or chips are, of course, unacceptable! Handle a glass by the stem. Always pre-place wine glasses on the table.

In some restaurants, a wine cooler or ice bucket may be used to maintain the proper temperature of wine at the table. Fill the bucket partially full of ice. Since the cooler is mainly for show and maintenance of temperature, it is still advisable to pre-chill white wines in a refrigerator. Under normal conditions, red wines do not need chilling prior to service. However, if a red wine is warm, chill it in the refrigerator for several minutes before serving.

Steps for Wine Service

  1. Once the order is taken from the host, repeat the order to verify that it is correct.
  2. Bring the bottle to the table promptly. Wines should be easily accessible to the waitstaff and stored at the correct temperature.
  3. Cradling the wine in a napkin, present the wine to the customer. Announce the name of the winery and the wine.
  4. Once the host has acknowledged the wine, place the wine bottle on a napkin, on the corner of the table, Try to keep the label facing the customer.
  5. Open the bottle
  6. Place the cork near the host and, using a clean napkin, clean the top of the bottle.
  7. Pour a taste for the host.
  8. After the customer announces his satisfaction with the wine, serve the other guests.
  9. Be sure you are familiar with the house policy concerning refused bottles.
  10. Pour carefully without touching the glass with the bottle. Never fill a glass more than ½ full.
  11. Observe the consumption closely and refill glasses when appropriate.
  12. Sell another bottle of wine. Be prepared to recommend another compatible wine with the meal.