Food & Beverage Outlets / Catering Team 

To access, you must first register via the unique link distributed by The Beverly Hills Hotel management.
If you have registered, please select the following link to login/access your training: The Beverly Hills Hotel Wine Education

Open Access Training

To access, please select the training programs below. Note: There is no login required for the open access training.  

Restaurant servers are the intended audience for this training. The videos are designed to give a better understanding of wine and service thereby increasing server confidence and comfort in recommending and serving wines.

The Foundation curriculum provides basic wine knowledge and service skills for entry into the hospitality trade or an introduction to wine. The training is comprised of a series of modules and videos that can be accessed through the Constellation Academy of Wine’s website. Each section concludes with a quiz to assess users’ learning retention. It is estimated the courses will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete.