Your restaurant has been chosen by your guests because of a previous enjoyable experience or a recommendation. Serve them beyond their expectations. Create an atmosphere in which guests are made to feel important and will want to return. Helping your guests select an appropriate bottle of wine for their meal will enhance their dining experience. Following are some general wine and food pairing guideline you can use to assist your guests.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Dark, full-bodied, dry wines with elegant lingering flavors. Serve with beef steaks, roasts and filets, lamb, duck, pheasant, game and cheese.

Medium to full-bodied, spicy, generously flavored bold wines. Serve with barbequed meats, pizza, heavy pastas, sausages, stews and spicy cuisine.

Pinot Noir
Light to medium-bodied wines with gentle delicate flavors. Serve with veal, pork, chicken, duck, salmon, salads and pastas with light sauces.

Medium-bodied, deep red with soft rich berry character. Serve with turkey, pork, beef stews and cheeses.


Medium-bodied, rich white wine with smoky, vanilla and oak flavors. Serve slightly chilled with seafood, chicken, Turkey, salads and pastas with cream sauces.

Sauvignon Blanc
A lighter wine whose flavors range from crisp and grassy to lush and melony. Serve chilled with salads, chicken, appetizers, light pastas and shell fish.