Segment 1- Introduction »
The introductory segment of the Wine Steward Training series. (1:55)

Segment 2- Basics of Wine »
The definition of wine, how grapes become wine and types of wine. (4:58)

Segment 3- Reading a Wine Label »
A basic understanding of what is listed on a wine label. (3:24)

Segment 4- Grape Varieties »
The basic types of wine grapes and their different characteristics. (5:29)

Segment 5- Tasting Wine - The 5 "S's" »
The basics of tasting wine and a method to help with the process. (2:00)

Segment 6- Customer Service & Assistance »
Applying wine knowledge to daily interactions with customers. (7:04)

Wine Steward Training Quiz »
A 5 question wrap-up to the training series.